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Abbot Village Press Goes Global

boxzero / Pixabay

With world headquarters in the little town of Abbot, Maine, Abbot Village Press recently announced expansion into the global market…

While that might not be fake news, it might be an overstatement. But I can’t resist sharing this. According to my most recent royalty report from Amazon, the sale of Small People — Big Brains has gone global with a copy sold in England and another in Europe!

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Fall Class and Course Information

Because there’s some chaos on the site, here’s a quick and easy way to get some detailed information. Download

2016 Fall Suicide Awareness Classes — this page flyer/poster lists all of the Suicide Awareness and Prevention Classes I have scheduled for this fall.

Fall 2016 Newsletter — this is a print version of my Learning Opportunities Newsletter. Lots of information including summary information about all courses (including real estate) I have schedule for this fall.

Remember that you can always get course dates, times, and locations by visiting the Course Calendar.

All work and no play is bad for your health. So says Jack.

What follows is the work of friend and colleague Jack Falvey–who many will recognize as the author of the “blurb” on the back cover of my book, Small People–Big Brains. Jack’s authoring this online investor program for Saint Anselm College… a free daily investor brief. See the bottom for additional information… try ’em! The price is right and I think you’ll enjoy Jack’s style. As a bonus you’ll learn a lot! Subscribe here.

Jack F HeadshotWorking smart is harder to do than working hard. To learn the application of this principle, read a few biographies. They are usually written about people who have accomplished things. Most pay a high price for being recognized in print. The lesson well could be that it is best not to be biographical material.

For all those who focus and lead the world, there are some impressive members of the pack who have not done badly. At times, hard work, long hours and dedication are justified and indeed are the smartest strategy. Biologically, we have reserves that make this possible. Realistically, we are better off if we can come down off of an adrenaline high and figure out how to even out things in a healthy way that will produce acceptable results.

Good financial planning has never required master-of-the-universe efforts. Being in a hurry is not a workable guiding principle. Progress is seldom smooth. Fits and starts seem to be the rule. Being smart enough to know when full forward is required and when reasonable cruising speed is best is the challenge. Having physical reserves to commit when needed means that you must get each day to work for you without having to force it to do so. How best to use the division of labor is a “work smart” skill. What must be done by me, by when? cannot have an “everything right now” answer.

Technology now requires around-the-clock commitment. Getting off the grid is a new life discipline to be mastered. Eventually, we all will learn how best to deal with this challenge. Working smart, while often requiring a lot of hours and effort, eventually translates into a strategy of setting priorities and doing only what must be done. Patience is a rare virtue. Take some time off to think about that. Thinking time is very important.

Investor Education Briefs is an online investor education program provided by the Institute for Politics at Saint Anselm College. It goes out each business day of the year at no charge. The editorial opinions of Jack Falvey, a Fellow of the Institute and a frequent contributor to The Wall Street Journal and Barron’s, are provided for investor education only and are not offered as financial advice. Anyone may enter or exit the program at any time. There are no tests or academic credits involved. It is designed as a free program which will recycle and be updated every twelve months. Subscribe here.


Real Estate Course Starts Wednesday…

For SaleFor those interested in a career in real estate… you may not be as crazy as some people think! I’m starting a class in Bangor for those who would like to meet the license qualifications. At last count we had sixteen students signed up, but we can certainly squeeze in a few more! The class starts at 6 PM at the Ramada Inn on Odlin Road in Bangor.

Real estate licensing classes are offered through the Arthur Gary School of Real Estate. For complete course details and to register visit the school’s website at http://arthurgary.com or call the school at 856-1712.

Walter keeps the class interesting with anecdotal stories that put law into real terms. Good sense of humor!