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Some Opportunities…

I recently had the distinct privilege of helping out in the 4-H booth at the Piscataquis Valley Fair… in the process I met an awesome five year old who was quite excited over the prospect of entering Kindergarten next week. She thought it was really cool that I sometimes teach at her school as a substitute and wanted to be sure that I knew she spells her name with a “K” and not with a “C.”

back_to_school_supplies_400_clr_9051One of the great joys of being a sub is getting to experience the excitement of “back to school.” If you miss that excitement, there are some opportunities coming up!

I’ll be teaching the Substitute Training Course twice: On September 10 for PVAEC in Dover Foxcroft and on September 13 for RSU 19 in Newport. This one day course includes classroom management strategies and teaching stratgeies… for information or to register, contact PVAEC at 207 564-6525 for the Dover class and RSU 19 Adult Ed at 368-3290 for the Newport class.

On September 23, budding authors and publishers can attend the “Is there a book in you? Publish it!” class in Dover Foxcroft. This evening class explores the opportunity of “Indie Publishing” and print on demand technology.  This is an evening class that will also be offered in Newport on October 21.

If you are in the Bangor area, I’ll be a guest at the ERA Dawson Mixer  on September 8 for those with an interest in a real estate career. Typically, other speakers include lenders, insurers and title companies. For information about the Mixer call Julie Williams at 947-6788 or email juliewilliams@eradawson.com.

Of course there’s the usual schedule of Real Estate Courses: Sales Agent starting on September 17, Associate Broker, and Broker both starting in October.

Also in October, you can take the Your WordPress Website class in Dover Foxcroft at PVAEC or in Newport at RSU 19. Building a site can be fast, easy, and free!

You can also download a complete Fall 2014 Course Schedule and a Flyer for the Sub Course. Be like my new-found five year old friend and be ready to learn! (It does help if you can spell and write your name correctly!)


Tents Not Needed…

wordpressiconFolks who’ve taken my WordPress Course already know that the software used is WordPress–one of the most popular website/blog authoring programs because it’s user-friendly and free!

What you may not know is there are WordPress Camps held around the world that focus on “everything WordPress.” Everyone from casual users to core developers participate, share ideas, and get to know each other.

And there’s one scheduled in Portland Maine on August 15-16!

But wait, there’s more! Not only is WordPress free… it only costs $30 to attend both days! So dig out your pocket protector and check out the details: http://2014.maine.wordcamp.org/. Unfortunately, a prior commitment prevents me from attending on Saturday, but I hope to be there Friday… if you decide to attend, let me know and we can try to meet!

On Going “Amish”

This is not clip art. I took it while on vacation.

The past several weeks have included several major upgrades to technology. Those upgrades have created a special combination of excitement and frustration. Coincidentally, this is the time of year for vacation planning. Vacation planning generally includes more excitement than frustration and means looking forward to visiting a part of the country where Amish folks live.

Perhaps that combination has led me to consider whether or not it’s time to “go Amish.” Let me hasten to make it clear that I mean no disrespect. The Amish are a people I greatly admire spiritually and socially. I also do not intend to join the ranks who identify the Amish with a lack of progress and backwards view. They are truly anything but that.

Occasionally, however, it makes sense to consider just how much they gain by adopting technology slowly. While my long view suggests that this technology means I will be able to work much more efficiently eventually, the last few weeks have found me a bit more focused on the frustrations that accompany adopting new technology. Some of the issues I’ve faced have been enough to make me consider “going Amish” — at Continue reading On Going “Amish”

Is Starting a Blog or Website in Your Future?

Note that the following course is open for registration and coming up soon!

Your WordPress Website/Blog–fast and free! 

WordPress is one of the most popular free and open source blogging and publishing platforms available today. In this “user friendly” and hands-on course you’ll learn the basics of building a blog or website for your business or pleasure—in fact, you’ll have your site up and running by the end of the class. You should have some fundamental computer skills and a basic understanding of the Internet. The class is not designed for advanced users! NOTE: Students will need to have access to their email account during this class either on a personal device such as a tablet or smart phone OR through a web mail account–bring your password with you! (Class meets in the computer lab; students will have access to a computer.) Plan to attend Tuesday, February 26 and March 5 in Dover Foxcroft  from 6 PM until 8:30 PM.

Register by contacting Piscataquis Valley Adult Education Cooperative at 564-6525.