Suicide Prevention Resources

Hotline Magnet

Maine Substance Abuse Text Helpline 898-211

Here are some resources to assist with developing good mental health as well as preventing self-harm and suicide. Check back often for new and updated information! Also, please report any links that do not work or any information you find that needs updating.  You may also want to check the resource page for substitute teachers.


Watch Your Language!

The Maine Suicide Prevention Program provides us with an excellent list of terms and suggested language to use regarding suicidal behavior. There are strong connections between how we think and what we say. We might want to change some of our language!

Working With Kids and Teens

Emotional First Aid for Children is a short handout listing some of the ways kids (from pre-k through teens) might respond to an emotional crisis and some ways to help.

Thirteen Reasons Why is a page on this site offering some resources for those who are interested in the book and series.

Crisis Text Line

LD 609

  • FAQ on LD 609 This is a document provided by the Maine Suicide Prevention Program and Maine Department of Education that answers some of the frequently asked questions about this law as it applies to suicide awareness and prevention in Maine Public Schools.

Mental Health and Hygiene

  • Mental Health First provides an exhaustive list of organizations and resources for a wide variety of topics ranging from specific conditions to general mental health.  (This is the organization that provides the Mental Health First Aid Training.)

Social Media


  • Why We All Need to Practice Emotional First Aid by pschologist and author Guy Winch is an all-time favorite of mine. Don’t miss the story about his friend’s five year old son!
  • The Bridge Between Suicide and Life by Kevin Briggs This TED talk doesn’t include a lot of psychology, just some very plain talk by a retired state trooper who is credited with talking hundreds of people off their suicidal perch on the Golden Gate Bridge.
  • Confessions of a Depressed Comic by Kevin Breel A TED talk that not only sheds some needed light on depression, it describes how this young man saved his own life.

Walter Boomsma (“Mr. Boomsma”) writes on a wide array of topics including personal development, teaching and learning. Course information is also available here!