Okay, this will be a “potpourri” at least to start…

The first site I’ll recommend is my own! I maintain a blog of real estate “tips and techniques” that you may find helpful or at least thought-provoking. There are also links there to real estate resources for consumers.

Of course, if you are looking for future course information or continuing education, The Real Estate Learning Group website is the place to be. While I try to maintain some basic information on this site, you need to register from there.

Sales Agent Students can take “practice” state exams at the Pearson Vue website. With a little navigation, you should also be able to locate the area where you can sign up online to take that dreaded state exam. If you’d rather just go directly there, here’s is the Maine Testing Page. Note that these practice exams only cover general topics–nothing specific to Maine. The Real Estate Learning Group has an online exam cram course you can take anywhere and anytime

Most questions regarding licensing can be answered at the Maine Real Estate Commission website. You can also make some personal changes online (like your address), look up educational opportunities, and read the latest disciplinary actions.

The most frequently asked question regarding Associate Broker Licensing is “Where do I get the Documented Field Experience Form?” This form must be completed before you can receive your Associate Broker Course Grade–download the DFE form here.

One of my favorite sites for monitoring the real estate market (at the national level) is The Real Estate Economy Watch by Steve Cook. His “stuff” is among the more objective I’ve seen… he’s not been bitten by the “let’s be positive” bug but he also doesn’t preach “doom and gloom.”

More to come…

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