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Financial Literacy Starts With You!

stick_figure_wheel_barrow_gold_150_clr_8612And maybe Jack Falvey. Jack’s a friend and colleague–you might recognize his name from the back cover of my book, Small People–Big Brains. An official version of who Jack is reads like this:

Jack Falvey is a widely published freelance business writer, contributing to Barron’s, The Wall Street Journal, and The New Hampshire Union Leader and Sunday News in the areas of sales, sales management and marketing. He teaches professional sales and sales management at both University of Massachusetts Boston and at his alma mater, Boston College.

Falvey is currently a fellow at the New Hampshire Institute of Politics & Political Library at Saint Anselm College in Manchester, New Hampshire where he offers daily Investor Education Briefs as part of the Ethics in Governance: Stewardship and Investor Education Initiative.

Jack’s recently embarked on this daily series of Investor Education Briefs (or tips) and I’ve had the good fortune to be part of a “test group.” That means I’ve been enjoying these daily briefs for a few weeks now, so I can tell you that they are truly brief, educational, and enjoyable. One of my personal favorites was his message to people who say “I don’t believe in life insurance.” Jack notes that life insurance isn’t a religion. It’s a product with a purpose. In some circumstances it works. In others it doesn’t.

He’ll make you think.

It might seem ironic, but these nuggets that will increase your financial fluency are free! You can sign up at

Supporting a Good Friend and a Good Cause!

shrinerI’m pleased to be considered a sponsor of good cause (Springfield Massachusetts Shriners Hospital) being organized by a good friend (Susan Austin). Susan and her committee are organizing a “Trivia Night” to be held on Saturday, September 14, 6:30 pm – 10:30 pm at the Son’s of Erin at 22 Williams Street in Westfield, Massachusetts. My role and sponsorship feels pretty minimal, so I thought I’d help by giving Sue and her efforts some publicity.

If you’re from that area, you might put the event on your calendar and plan to attend… if not, you can still help. The committee has pledged that 100% of the proceeds will benefit Shriners Hospital. You can send a donation to

Susan Austin
148 Elm Street
Westfield MA 01085

Make the check payable to Springfield Shriners Hospital. I suspect it’s also not too late to be a sponsor. In additional to financial support they are looking for raffle prizes. If you’d like to help, call Sue at 413-537-5480 and tell her Mr. Boomsma sent you. (But don’t believe any stories she tells you about me when we were kids!)