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As a volunteer

I did a decade-long volunteer job as president of the UMaine Piscataquis County Extension Service. I’m particularly proud of this letter, penned (keyboarded?) by John Rebar, UMaine Extension’s Executive Director:

As Executive Director it is my privilege to work with a wide variety of volunteers across Maine.  The enthusiasm and dedication for the work of Cooperative Extension is inspiring and heartening.  However, former Piscataquis County Extension Association President Walter Boomsma is in a league of his own.  Walter’s commitment to the work of Extension and the people of Piscataquis County has been truly remarkable.  Walter provided essential leadership and determination at a time when the very existence of the county office was in question.  Frankly, it would have been easier to close the office rather than work through a 70% loss of county funding.  Giving up is not Walter’s way of working.  He rose to the immense challenge and with the support of his fellow Executive Committee members plus the work of the staff, stabilized the office and turned things around.  He provided accountability to elected officials for the tax investment going to the local office and he expected accountability from our workforce – including me.  In return, he worked tirelessly to build public and political confidence that the investment in Extension was good for Piscataquis County – now and for the future.  

Walter is willing to ask the tough questions and to work very hard for what he believes in.  He is a person of conviction and can be counted upon to follow through.  

I once heard that a hero was an ordinary person who, when placed in an extraordinary circumstance, does remarkable things.  That is Walter Boomsma.  All of Cooperative Extension is indebted to him and the Executive Committee members for making sure that the mission of Extension is alive and well in Piscataquis County.  He was the right leader at the right time.  We will miss him and thank him so much for all that he has done.  

John Rebar
Executive Director 

During substitute teacher course, fall 2016

  • 55% said the overall effectiveness of the course met their expectations, 45% said it exceeded their expectations.
  • 18% said the instructor’s knowledge and delivery met their expectations, 82% said it exceeded their expectations.
  • “Very informative and fun!”
  • “The day seemed to go by fast!”
  • “Trusted education–well-versed on topic.”

A Personal Favorite

This one is a personal favorite but requires some explanation… This young lady was at the time a second grader who decided to do her end of the year essay about some of the volunteer work I do at her school. I guess she counts as a student!

Today you are going to read about Mr. Boomsma. He lives in Abbot. He also loves to read. Mr.  Boomsma loves helping people read. He is a a helpful man. He wants people to live safe also. He is a nice man, too. He also supports children. He goes out to recess with the children sometimes. Mr. Boomsma’s favorite color is blue. He is important to the school because he helps children and is caring too. He has dark, short hair, glasses and always wears his brown shoes and he has a ring on all the time.

As a Real Estate Educator

And here are some students from my real estate courses:

Renee Jarvis
Renee Jarvis

I enjoyed the way Walter taught the subject matter so it would be understood and not just memorized.  I truly love Walter’s teaching style and can’t wait to come back for the associate broker course!


Marc C
Marc Corriveau

If you listen to Walter, pay attention to his anecdotes, ask questions, and study with your fellow students; you are assured to benefit from the Arthur Gary School of Real Estate. I attended his class in September of 2014, and was quickly picked up by the ERA Dawson-Bradford Real Estate Agency in Bangor. Walter’s teaching method and the Arthur Gary class has propelled me into the career I wanted.

The instructor instilled a level of confidence in his teaching due to experience with the subject matter. I felt extremely comfortable asking questions in relation to the material presented. I have experience teaching/instructing and receiving such in six years of college. I have no issue stating that this instructor is among the top three I have had.


Walter Boomsma (“Mr. Boomsma”) writes on a wide array of topics including personal development, teaching and learning. Course information is also available here!