Media Relations Class in Dexter

"Hey, I didn't know..."
“Hey, I didn’t know…”

No News Is Not Good News: media relations for the nonprofessional

Make friends when you don’t need them so that you will have them when you do need them.

 Lyndon Johnson

You may be making news, but is it news if nobody knows about it? This class will explore the basics of “getting the word out” through approaches that work for small businesses and non-profit organizations. Participants will learn the how’s and why’s of getting a story in print or on television and take home samples of formats as well as a number of tip for maximizing their business or organization’s exposure in the press. Class will be held at Dexter Regional High School on Tuesday, April 9th starting at 6 PM. Register by calling PVAEC at 564-6525 or visiting:

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