Real Estate Broker Class Starts April 6

It (Broker Course) showed me what I didn’t know… (I liked) the instructors approach to teaching with examples and (how) he encouraged lots of discussion during class.

hands_giving_keys_anim_150_clr_10132You get the keys for people buying houses, how about for your career?

Beginning April 6th in Bangor, I will be teaching the course entitled “The Role of the Designated Broker,” but it’s not just for designated brokers! If you’re currently holding a real estate associate broker license, this course is for you. You’ll learn what you don’t know and gain a whole different perspective about the business of real estate.

This is truly a class about the practice and the business of real estate–not just law and theory. Upon completion of the course and two years practicing as an associate broker, students become eligible to apply for a Broker’s License and are also eligible to fill the role of designated broker for your company. But even if you have no interest in being a designated broker, you’ll want to consider taking this course.  You’ll develop a new understanding of the business as we look at some of the management issues and opportunities that exist in the increasing complex business of real estate. You’ll learn about things like business planning, ethics, and risk reduction–topics only touched on in previous licensing courses. The course is offered as a weekend course by the Arthur Gary School of Real Estate at the Ramada Inn in Bangor. For more information or to register, visit the Arthur Gary School website or call 856-1712.

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