“Have to” Doesn’t Make It

Many professions include a continuing education requirement… in spite of studies that clearly demonstrate that required education is often not especially effective. As an instructor of real estate courses, I often see first hand the difference between students fulfilling the requirement and those who truly want to learn.

A fellow instructor from Arizona saw that difference dramatically in a course he was teaching and reported the story in a recent Real Estate Educators Association Newsletter. A broker in his class reported that his agents are getting as much as ten times the required education. The instructor wondered if perhaps they were spending too much time learning and not enough time selling. The ensuing dialog was precious.

The broker reported that their sales closure rate is 100% and added this explanation:

We ask our agents to make a list of all the educational classes they have attended. We start the listing presentation by reviewing them with the client. We tell the client that we have spent a significant amount of time in class prior to meeting them so that we could be one of the most educated, prepared and skilled agents they ever met. Then we tell the client it doesn’t matter if they hire us, just don’t hire someone with less education.

How can you not love that?

To access the complete article, visit the Arizona Realtor Association Blog.

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